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  • 15 september 2016
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Dear sir,

My abonnement contract ended some months ago and I am still paying for it. I would like to start a new abonnement in which I can choose a new phone.
Unfortunately I will be abroad for 2 months more and not able to reach vodafone store.
Can I start a new abonnement or choose a new phone online? Within two month I would collect it in a vodafone store in the Netherlands.
Thanks for your attention!

Best regards,

Dit topic is gesloten. Staat je antwoord hier niet bij, start dan een nieuw topic.

3 reacties

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silvioN, welcome! You can retain your subscription with a new phone. That's possible via My Vodafone. The order will be shipped to your address in the Netherlands or you can choose another address in the Netherlands. It's not possible to ship the order to another country.
silvioN, because we receive no response from you, we will close the topic in about 48 hours.
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Topic closed.