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  • 31 januari 2019
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Hello . ,my sim was blocked due to several unpayed bills. I made the payment two hours ago and my sim is still blocked . Usually it takes only a few minutes,but now is been two hours . I cannot call support,I don.t know why is not working . Please respond. Thank you

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Could you start a chat? So we can check what is wrong?
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Hi @Andreea 123

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How did you pay? If you paid it by iDeal the number will be reinstate within 24 hours. If you paid by Credit card or bank account it can take up to 3 days.
Can you send us a message through chat, Twitter or Facebook? We can check for you if we received it etc.
I payed with ideal
Could you start a chat? So we can check what is wrong?
I don.t know how to start a chat . Now my internet is working but when i try calling someone thay say the sim is blocked . Its very weird
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you can start a chat here: chat te starten
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