I would like to change my phone

  • 1 februari 2019
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I Like to change my phone

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Hoi @Masala Viorel Costin
Welcome to the customers helps Vodafone Community.

Could you be a little clearer with your question? Do you already have a subscription with a device and do you want a new device or do you not have a subscription with a device yet?

If you now have a subscription and it runs within 4 months, you can already purchase a new subscription with a device. Have you only just, 4 months, a new subscription with device, then I can recommend your Vodafone Next.

It is therefore just what you have and what you want. The best thing you can do is call Vodafone customer service or start a chat and put your question there. These people can help you with the right choice, if it is not clear yet.
Do you have any questions regarding this @Masala Viorel Costin ?
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