• 14 februari 2020
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I have a problem. I had an abonnement with vodafone. Because of some problem with my payment i got code A and after code H. That was the last time when i had this problem, from then i never was late with my payment. Two weeks ago i spoke with somebody from customer service about how they can delete this codes. They told me that if i pay the rest of ammount, Vodafone will delete the codes after 5 days. I paid everything last tuesday and i'm still registered negative in BKR. Today i spoke with somebody else and he told me that vodafone can delete only the positive registration. Why nobody told me before about this? And i read that only vodafone can delete the negative codes from BKR. I really need to fix that, i sent tuesday an email to bkrvf@vodafoneziggo.com but nobody answered. 

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6 reacties

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Hello @Viorel1996 
This is a customer helping customer community. These types of questions can only be answered by Vodafone. Vodafone employees will also come online on the community and if they have read your message they will contact you and respond here.

Be patient, it's weekend now. You have already sent an email, you will certainly get a response, but I do not know how busy it is there.

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Hi @Viorel1996 


There are some nuances in this matter. Please contact our billing department via 043-3514521 for additional information. 

Did you contact our billing department @Viorel1996?

I spoke with everybody from Vodafone. The same problem, they can not delete the codes from bkr. They just lied to me, when i requested to pay the rest of the amount,  they said that in 5 days codes will be delete. And now it's not possible anymore. In this way i saw how serious they are. It's the last time when i will use vodafone, they just lost me as a client. I will ask a lawyer to help me against  vodafone, i'm sure that vodafone is wrong.

Hi @Viorel1996 
In this case I can only advise to contact my collegues again from the pay department. Through here we can't do anything regarding the registration.
Through https://www.vodafone.nl/support/contact/klacht.shtml you can register a complaint.

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Hi @Viorel1996,

It's indeed very confusing and I understand that is frustrating. Did you file a complaint?