Phone restart

  • 20 november 2020
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I just got a new phone and tried to restart it. Its asking me for a password after the pin and i only remember the older one. Yesterday the employee requested this pass and I assumed it didn’t change, but now i cannot enter. Caon you please help?

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Hi @Rico80,

Welcome to the Vodafone Community.
I would love to help you with this.
Unfortunately, we do not see any passwords that are set for the security of your device.
The only thing we see is the puck code for your device.

In this case I can only recommend to go to the store where you were yesterday. Maybe my colleague can remember changing the password.

Another option is a hard reset of the device. This will reset the device to factory settings and delete all data.

Can you let me know what the solution is?
Hopefully you can use the device again soon.