Is there a solution to the sim branded OM Customize push?

  • 13 juni 2019
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Hi There,

Have seen a couple of discussions regarding this topic but no resolution unfortunately.
This is SIM branding, since Phone branded is no longer allowed by EU regulation.
Can Vodafone now disactivate this?

Dit topic is gesloten. Staat je antwoord hier niet bij, start dan een nieuw topic.

5 reacties

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Hi @blackrat17
Welcome to customers helps customers Community of Vodafone.

I think if you now have a branded device, it will not be modified. But I have no idea and I have not been taught to know whether this should be done by law. That's why I better advise you to contact Vodafone by sending a private chat (message) to Facebook or Twitter.

Perhaps they can help you there with this information. Something is known about this here through the community. I have this information translated by Google. If there is an error, excuse the Google translation.
Thanks @Energieboy I do not have FB or Twitter accounts (believe it or not!) and would rather have avoid having to create accounts on these platforms to communicate with Vodafone.
This OM Customize issue is known your end for quite some time, looking at the previous entries on this forum regarding this topic.
I can guarantee to you that it is the SIM that is branded this way, so that Vodafone can still push the install of Vodafone Start, which I do not want to install on my phone that I paid for. it is my phone, not Vodafone's, therefore I should have full authority as to what is on my phone, not Vodafone.
I have been living with this notification in my notification bar since I bought the phone and now got used to it, however it is still very annoying (to say the least!!!) to see it every day.
It cannot be removed from notification bar. We can kill the process in Apps, however it will always come back on restart since it lives on the SIM.
This is overall a terrible UX and I am sorry to see and hear that Vodafone refuses:
1) to acknowledge the problem
2) to offer a solution in order to REMOVE this SIM branding.

Please bring a solution on the table.

Kind regards,
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I don't know anything else. As long as you have a branded device you will receive this info. I think it is not the SIM card but just the software update, but as I said, I really would not know.

The device is purchased and you get a discount on it and that is why you allow Vodafone to put things on your device. That was once let me know, if I'm wrong, excuse me.

Otherwise you could contact Vodafone via chat or call customer service. It is not possible to obtain more information about this through the community. A moderator could possibly report something, although I don't know if he can help you further.

Otherwise, let's wait for a moderator and then we can see the sequel.
Success in any case and do not be too annoyed by that notification bar please 😉

Again, this text has been translated by Google translate 🙂
Hi @blackrat17

Did you contact my colleagues?
It is not Sim Card branded but the phone is branded. That is why you recieve the software updates through us. As far as I know it is not possible to change the phone for this through us.

There is solution: You can Root your phone. But this is at your own risk, we don't support this.
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We would like to receive an update @blackrat17 🙂